Egg Peeling Skills Wanted

“Lets Peel Eggs” initially starts as an unfinished product. Users need to complete the production by peeling off pieces of the shell. The polycarbonate bulb is covered with a layer of environmentally friendly, highly brittle plastic. The custom design comes from how you peel it. Done peeling? Then you’ve got custom lighting.

Designer: Jinhong Lin


  • Fred says:

    Nice idea but seen before

    • Clarify says:

      not really sure Yanko is in the business of being the first to spot everything. since when are websites in competition to be the first to spot interesting designs? i think this is interesting no matter where is was posted first.

      • Matze says:

        Ok, I’ll clarify Fred’s post: The product has been done before, by a different designer…

        1. Read
        2. Understand
        3. Write

      • ModuleS says:

        Lately I been reading comments regarding how the design is not innovative or has been done before and let me tell you guys something, as a publisher for another design blog (obviously not as popular as yanko) it ain’t EASY what yanko does on a daily basis. Do you know how hard it is to spit our 4 contents a day yet alone 4 design contents?! So stop whining and appreciate it what yanko does and if you think you can do better than yanko, I would like to see it.

        • AG says:

          There has never been a direct comment against Yanko, and I’m one of, if not the most, harshest critiquing person on this blog. I cherish and celebrate Yanko’s ability to find exceptional designs and products from around the world, which absolutely must be difficult.

          The comments are directed at the designers of these products, who sometimes boast that they are the first to release this design. Take the stool of ignorance and theft from out under their feet, while they stand tall on the fallacy of a boosted ego.
          Or for people who comment and consistently ask “where can me buy such thing, I look but me no find where to buy?”. It’s not for sale.
          Or… “this is so neat, wow, I’ve never seen this before, so amazing”, when the design has been realized and produced up to 100 years prior!

          The designer should do the research, discover their ‘idea’ is a has been and a copy, and not boast their unique new innovative product (or proof of theft).

          Again, no negativity towards Yanko, ever. The job is tough, and he/she is doing a great job finding unique designs. But sometimes, the designers are at fault, and must be called out.

  • Rony John says:

    Hilarious Tilte

  • Jinhong Lin says:

    Through different ways to achieve different effects, peeling eggs is a familiar experience.
    Two designs have different start point,so I think those were two different designs.

  • Fred says:

    Both designs have the same starting point.

    The difference is cracking versus peeling

  • Macyo94 says:

    Original the first time it was seen but the novelty has long since worn off. To made in better you should have done something new and original with it.

  • Alex says:

    As far as I can see, both in terms of the way you interact with the design (cracking vs peeling) and the size of the design, they are different.

    We don’t complain when there are two or more films with the same topic, so why whinge if two designers have the same starting point?

  • Clarify says:

    well what if i created a design that had the egg pre-cracked to spell out a copyright? would that be a new twist on an old design? kidding, no need to answer that.

  • paul m.m says:


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