Bruce Wayne Says What?

Look out Mickey Mouse, “Batphones” are about to take over where your pathetic plastic ears only look cute and cuddly. Designed to enhance any sound coming from in front of you, these plastic prosthetic ears slip on as easy as a hair band, not that I ever wore a head band. Why didn’t I just say; as easy as a pair of headphones? Anyway, moving on. Designed by Matthias Ries, these ear extensions are not meant to replace traditional in-ear hearing aides, they were more designed for people with only slight difficulty hearing. Made from one piece of injection molded plastic, the Batphones are a cheap and quick solution when you need the volume turned up just a notch at movies, plays or hunting moths at midnight. Watch for Batphone earrings coming to an elderly tattoo parlor near you.

Designer: Matthias Ries