$29 AirTags get confirmed in Apple’s Spring Loaded Livestream Event

The long-rumored tracking device finally dropped today and became the latest of Apple‘s roster of product offerings. It bolsters and expands on Apple’s ‘Find My’ feature, allowing you to now find daily objects in real-time, even while offline. The device is coin-sized, and can be tracked with real-time feedback and even a live indicator on your smartphone’s display, allowing you to know exactly where your objects are in relation to you.

The AirTags come at a price of $29, with $99 for a 4-tag bundle. They can be customized with initials or emojis, are IP67 water and dust resistant, and can last for an entire year on a full battery. In fact, they even come with user-replaceable batteries too, extending the product’s usage cycle (unlike Tile trackers that need to be ditched after their battery depletes). The tags come paired with a carrying case that lets you strap them to your belongings like your wallet, purse, or your keys. Hermès has even designed its own carrying cases for the AirTags that let you track your objects in style!

Designer: Apple