Light is Random…

Like mushrooms randomly sprouting from the Earth, this lamp array design by Jaren Goh takes a whimsical and asymmetric approach to lighting a room. With interchangeable shades for versatility, this lamp dubbed “Lampost” takes it modern and minimal lines and softens them up by the simple use of non-symmetrical placement. Intended for larger spaces, this lovely light source will definitely be a focal point in any room…that is, until the Cheshire Cat arrives.

Designer: Jaren Goh


  • AG says:

    Interesting look, that’s about all it does for me though.

  • WarrenT says:

    Person stole their logo design from YG Entertainment, Korea’s top Hiphop record company. <a href= “”>Check it out!</a>

    • bystander says:

      man his right, Jaren you should be ashame to be a designer. I’m surprise some of the producer didn’t give you hell for it.

      • Lim says:

        LOL u guys are lame…. There are millions of LOGOS out there, it just coicidence. How original you want it to be? Anyway is YG and his name is Jaren Goh…. Lol you people funny…

  • HUN.G.D says:

    i really like this things but where can i buy them or it is just the future?

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