Make you Feel on ‘Top’ of the World!


You probably think I’m going to make an Inception reference, but I’m not! Let’s move beyond stating the obvious and talk about the Foreverspin. Our planet Earth spins at 1040 mph, but we don’t feel a thing. We just accept the fact that in 24 hours a massive orb of fire a million miles from us does a round of the sky all around the world, just to be back the next day. The Foreverspin is a spinning top that allows us to tune out the world and bring our attention to the amazing, ever-hypnotic, spinning movement. The machine milled top comes with an exquisite surface finish, and in five material variants. These materials are carefully curated for their spinning abilities. The tops come with a rotation disc that boasts of a brilliant smooth finish, allowing your top to spin for longer. Flip the disc over and you have a groove in which your top can rest comfortably, on display.

The tops come with a serial number and a hologram, after going through rigorous quality tests. They also come with the claim of lasting forever, and to sweeten the deal, also with a lifetime guarantee!

Designer: ForeverSpin

Buy It Here: $33.99 $48.00