Cutting Edge Home

Interesting things happen when architects are hand-cuffed guided by local restrictions and client’s desires. A custom home design more often than not will look like a watered-down version of an original idea that might have stood for something spectacular if not ultimately designed by committee. This F-117 Stealth Fighter inspired house in Kronberg, Germany, is very much the exception to this rule. Satisfying the needs of local authorities and incorporating the required pitched roof, designers Architect Meixner Schluter Wendt used this feature as a launch point for the rest of their design dubbed Haus F. By segmenting the house in three parts; the cellar (located completely underground), a glass wrapped garden level(includes the kitchen and family room) and the “Flying Form” which houses the bedrooms and bathrooms, this design creates the illusion of a billion dollars worth of high-tech terror taking off for targets in Tikrit.

Architect: Meixner Schluter Wendt


  • mangrenade says:

    It’s like a walk-out basement Villa Savoye that’s wearing a ridiculous hat.

    This house will redefine design in the 1920’s 21st Century!!!

  • Aron Rubin says:

    It looks like a ship from star wars ship with the landing ramp extended. An empire ship, of course, with those dark colors and angles.

  • bystander says:

    “F-117 Stealth Fighter inspired house”? That’s madness I tell you and the architect did a fine job of it.

  • KiwiPulse says:

    The house is kinda tight to me. I don’t.. 😛

  • rick says:

    That house looks a lot like something that David Salmela would design.

  • Nacon says:

    uhh…. it doesn’t look great nor fresher than “water down” design at all.

    two thumbs down.

  • TH says:

    I’m not too keen on the shape, but I like the way the mass of the building is hovering on air. Very Aalto-like in that sense, if in no other.

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