British Kiosks…it’s the wood that makes it good

Londoners walking along the Thames River near Potter’s Field have a new treat waiting for them, stacks of charred wood. Along with their usual mochachinos, pack of fags (no angry emails, that means cigarettes in the UK) and a copy of The Mirror, the Queen’s subjects are treated with the latest creations from architects DSDHA. “Pavilions” are a pair of distinctively designed multi-purpose kiosks. One of them was created by layering stacks of  whitened calcified timber and features a green roof. The other darker one – is the first charred timber-clad structure in the UK, created in a technique similar to the Japanese Yakisugi. ‘It almost resembles a grotto’, says  DSDHA ‘s Deborah Saunt. Jenga anyone?

Architect: DSDHA