What if you could detach your phone camera and use it somewhere else?

It sounds like a strange premise, but what if you had a camera for your phone that you could carry around with it and detach it whenever you pleased, using it as an external camera? I’m describing a GoPro, to be honest, but imagine an action cam that sat on your phone… and could be removed and simply stuck anywhere, letting you capture footage without surrendering your phone… and with better quality imagery?

At just 6mm thick, the Evo GoCam is a small camera that attaches to the back of your phone, allowing you to simply detach it and use it anywhere you want, to capture stunning images and videos from angles and perspectives that are out of the ordinary. With a sticky micro-suction surface on the back of the Evo, you can stick it to anything, turning it into an action camera, or an impromptu webcam. You may probably wonder why one wouldn’t use their phone to capture the imagery, and there are a number of answers. The Evo is easily mountable, with its adhesive back. It lets you mount a camera lens any and everywhere, giving you unusual angles, from positions your phone probably couldn’t reach. It gives you a unique perspective, while streaming the video content to your phone in real-time, letting your camera be somewhere completely different, while the viewfinder, your phone’s screen, is right in your palm. Fitting within a bespoke case, the Evo Cam can be mounted on phones by multiple makers, including Apple, Google, Motorola, Samsung, and Huawei. The cases designed for the phones come with a slot that the Evo slides into, occupying just a mere 6mm of thickness. And to sweeten the deal, the cases give your phone wireless charging abilities!

The Evo is a step above the selfie stick, the drone camera, and the action camera, because with its potential, it can be as good as all three of them together. With the ability to stick to any surface and capture any POV, the Evo is your own pocketable camera, but it isn’t necessarily bound to your phone. However, it stays attached to the back of your phone, ready to be pulled out and used wherever, truly adding some magic to Marques Brownlee’s favorite phrase… The best camera is the one that’s in your pocket!

Designers: Mario Bertucci & Claudio Christensen Theill

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Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $99