Leaky leaky? Sparky Sparky

Say you are on a jolly walk around the block, or maybe a jolly walk through the inside of your own home. You glance to your left and see, what’s that, a tap leaking water! What a waste! You’d go right over and “shore it up.” Wouldn’t want to let that water go to waste, right? What the ECord does is make that situation a reality for electricity. You wanna save energy, right?

The ECord has a composition on its PVC covering that turns colors when a specific (low 1 to 15W) range of current passes through, same story for if there’s a loss of current due to any reserve power kicking in.

Lufdesign provides:

ECord makes users aware of their standby power waste by display current flow, and therefore helps them to cut down the leak.

Best way to go about it?

Designer: Lufdesign