This packaging design for spaghetti comes with a built-in portion controller!

Do you love pasta, or more specifically spaghetti? Well obviously you do, we all do. In fact, I believe spaghetti might just be the reigning queen of all the different kinds of pasta! However, have you ever tried to cook it? For yourself, or for a party of four or more? If you have, you may have realized it’s almost always impossible to dish out the perfect portion of spaghetti per person. Sometimes you’re left with a heap of leftovers, or sometimes the quantity is just not enough! Designer Alesia Lurtcevich seems to have encountered this problem frequently because she designed a special packaging for spaghetti with a built-in portion controller. Yes, you heard that right! This custom packaging helps in portion control.

The design is quite simple, and still so innovative! Lurtcevich took an ordinary rectangular box, the usual kind in which spaghetti is normally sold. However, she created six smart partitions using a single sheet of paper. The bright red pasta-filled box comes with six trapezoidal sections heaped with spaghetti, one section equates to one portion of spaghetti. So, Lurtcevich’s packaging holds six servings of pasta, enough for an intimate get-together you might have at your home!

The opening of each measured section is outlined with perforations, three on the front and another three on the back of the box. Open the packaging along the perforated lines, by slowly pulling it towards you. Fish out the portion of spaghetti you need and get cooking! A delicious Italian feast awaits you, with no wastage of food, and no growling stomach that wants more!

Designer: Alesia Lurtcevich