Eau de Temps

“I love the smell of Napalm in the morning…” – Robert Duvall (Apocalypse Now). Though I question anyone’s sanity that might actually mean those very words, it does speak of the fundamental truth that a particular scent has the power to instantly transform our moods. Whether it is the smell of your grandmother’s home, a gardenia, a puppies breath, some vanilla or even napalm in the morning, scents can instantly transport us to a time, a place, and moreover, an emotion. This power was the motivation behind the “Aroma Waker” by Abio Genesis. By incorporating an aroma diffuser into a standard alarm clock, Abio has given you the power to time your mood swings as easily as setting your clock. Maybe you like the smell of fresh cut grass at noon, or bubble gum at 5 PM, or even the scent of a woman at bedtime, your nose knows and your mind will certainly follow.

Designer: Abiogenesis Design


  • baltwade says:

    The smell of coffee always wakes me up, so I could either buy this clock or set the timer on my coffee maker. I’ll stick with the coffee maker. That way I get the smell of coffee in the morning plus the coffee that goes with it.

  • i agree with balt.. we have a nice coffee maker (capresso) that grinds and then brews on a timer.. which is nice.. you hear the grinder (1st wake up) and then about 10 mins later POW.. coffee aroma leads your sleepy head out of bed and into the kitchen.. i guess we are lucky and live on a big open space so it can reach us in bed no prob
    anyho.. i do like the idea of the clock and do love the sleek design.. yee

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