This laptop uses a patented hinge to transform into an ergonomic workstation anywhere!

The Cubitus laptop has a patented hinge system (with braking and locking systems) that opens up when the user demands an elevated screen position. It can unfold to the desired height and tilt depending on the level of ergonomic comfort needed.

Meet the Cubitus, a concept unique in its own right because it merges the portability of a laptop while still bringing the elevation of a laptop stand. The name Cubitus comes from the Latin word for elbow, which is an ancient unit of length. So in a way, this portable machine replicates the flexibility of human arm movement.

A laptop comes with the promise of portability, and recently, the power to match the performance of your PC. The loss? Working on the laptop for long hours is not ergonomically optimal, takes a toll on the eyes, results in physical and mental fatigue, and triggers long-term postural issues. As we all know, sitting is the new smoking.

The current solution uses a laptop stand to elevate the screen’s position to your eye level, making it just one more thing to carry with you everywhere. Adding to the premise of an all-in-one design, the Cubitus includes a digitally displayed keyboard and trackpad. In addition, these accessories will be customizable according to the user’s needs, making the setup more individualized.

The area above the keyboard acts as a tablet/task manager, allowing you to keep an eye on your ongoing applications or we can set up tabs to display functionality such as multiple time zones – its extra screen space at your disposal.

The Cubitus takes a huge leap into making the laptop portable and ergonomic. Imagine walking into your favorite cafe and have your machine transform into this fully functioning design – giving you the perfect environment and desk setup in one go!

Designers: Raul Guelfi, Samuele Montorfano and MAIN Engineering.