Zipper Mp3 Player by Eric Liu

This work combines Mp3 and zipper. To fasten the zipper is to play the music. By swaying left and right to control the volume and sequence of the music. By listening immense music with wireless earphones, you can enjoy your own music at anytime any place.

Designer: Eric Liu


  • tosika says:

    what happens if your walking and you bump it sideways? I hope there is a lock button.

  • Dan says:

    I hope theres a way to overide the “sway” controls… The idea that its attached to ur zipper, or is a zipper is pretty cool. But to use motion to control it is sorta… dropping the ball…

  • Kai says:

    Can you see the buttons when u wear it?

    is it strap long enough?

  • looks cool. Will go with the youth 🙂

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