Computer and Coffee On The Go

The Yuno PC is a new personal computer concept designed to help you get the most out of your morning without holding you back or constraining you to a desktop PC. Everyone has their own routine, what they read, watch, listen to, and of course drink. The Yuno PC mug incorporates all the important morning alerts such as weather, time, traffic, stocks, and more on its touchscreen display. You can also display your own images as a screensaver if you just want to relax. It lets you enjoy the morning the way you deserve to, stress free and highly caffenaited.

Designer: Jason Farsai


  • jin woo han says:

    Everything can’t be realize what you imagine.
    Everyone would think that idea, but if you are deigner you should think more such as solution, technology, UI, inner part, etc.- if it is even so concept.
    I think designer is not a dreamer, but a man who make it possible.

    Make a rectangle shape with glossy surface.
    This thing can be a mp3, PMP, projector, computer, blueray player and DMB.
    Finish design!!
    Design is nothing.

    • AG says:

      Yep. Someone else gets it too.

      This is styling, not designing. Product A + Product B does not equal innovation.

      This is a common strategy, sometimes called the ‘dart board’, especially used for info-mercial style products. Put 100 different products on the wall. Throw two darts. Vacuum cleaner and…. a shoe buffing machine. Product done.

      It is a nice rendering though.

      No room for processor, no room for hard drive, the coffee would overheat the internals of the PC, etc, etc. Digital design is too easy. Impossible concept, 3d model it, render it – receive acclaim.

      But, when the technology eventually does (and will) get to this point, its a valid concept. Just needs many hours of developing once the hardware internals get small enough.

      • Jason says:

        The point of the Microsoft Next-Gen PC competition is to push the boundaries of how you interface with the PC, the tech used, and to disrupt current ideas of what is possible. Theres more pages, visit for an exploded view and explanations of how it is possible… (in the future of course)

        Nothing would ever evolve if people thought things were impossible. Its not an engineering project that needs to be manufactured tomorrow, its a design concept and if you can’t see that then you need to join us here in the future where anything is possible.

        its simple, detachable bottom houses micro components/cpu (and makes it dishwasher safe), oled, touch sensitivity, insulation from hot beverages, wireless RF charging… but again, a blue-sky concept usually cannot be made yet. Its already disrupting which means I did my job.

        Thnx and much love.

    • Jason says:

      The Yuno PC is a finalist for the Microsoft Next-Gen PC competition, Love it or hate it, I would love your vote for the viewer’s choice award.
      Go to and click “vote.” Then find the Yuno and click on the vote button. It’ll take two seconds, and you’ll be able to see what its up against.
      Thnxs for all the comments you guys!! keep’em coming. Positve or negative, i really don’t care anymore. : )

  • R says:

    Jin Woo, learn to speak English and type a coherent entry.
    AG, your argument regarding the lack of room for a processor is ridiculous. You could fit all that you need in the base of the cup and properly insulate it. There would be no reason to have a hard drive either(my PDA phone does not have a HD and will do all this and more!)
    Don’t say its an impossible concept and then make a statement about how the technology will eventually get to this point. My guess is that you are a designer of some sort, so don’t pretend to know technology. Especially when you believe that micro processors only come in one size and have a 1 inch heat sink on top.
    I think it’s an excellent design. Like Jason said, its a blue-sky concept so it is supposed to push boundaries.

    • jin woo han says:

      Yes, I can’t speak english well, because Korea do not use english. So if you want to talk to me smoothly, you would rather learn Korean.
      If some designer would say ;” It is possible idea, because future technoogy make it possible! No one know how future will be changed!”
      I don’t agree with that he is a designer, he is only a person who like to think.

      I have an idea for you. I desiged a vacumm bottle, it looks like a normal bottle.
      It can sound latest pop music while you are having a cofee time for not boring.
      It can also show latest movie through LCD which is covered with its’ surface.
      So you just bring it if you want to enjoy a entertainment thing.
      I believe this can be possibel in the future. I give you this idea for present.
      Make 3d render and submit to competetion. If the jury is having a same thought like you, you will be a winner of that competetion.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      I want to apologize to the world for Yet Another Anglo Bigot. There are so many of them and they just do not realize the world is a big place and English is NOT only language, not even close to the most popular.

      Being a product of the U.S. school system, I reget it is the only language I know, except for Pascal.

    • Lee Mathews says:

      Wow. If you’re going to be a jerk, make sure you don’t commit the same crime you’re trying to punish. It’s “an HD,” not “a HD,” and you missed the apostrophe in “it’s a blue-sky concept.” A little decorum, people.

  • AG says:

    Excellent defense for my critique, both R and Jason. It’s good to have a thick skin in the design world. “Nothing would ever evolve if people thought things were impossible.” Well put.

    I too entered the Microsoft NexGen PC Competition a few years ago- my concept was also very blue sky, utilizing tomorrow’s technologies today. So yes, I do get it. Your concept is very unique, and I can see it actually finding it’s way into consumer’s homes sometime down the road.

    As I said, the rendering is quite quality. But for me, it’s a bit of a one-liner, maybe because I haven’t viewed the supporting process work for the project.

    You could spend some time working on the interface, the ergonomics/beauty of the handle, overall shape, perhaps design a docking base for charging the cup overnight… and that Power symbol open/close valve is quite nice.

  • Nelli says:

    I can certainly see this in the future. Great design idea. I’ll take my coffee and my PC to go!!!

  • Joshua Spencer says:

    you guys dont realize
    that this cup is more like a cellphone than a laptop more than likely
    it uses physical memory rather than internal
    pysical memory is more like a constant cycle of RAM that go’s though the data
    to keep it alive.
    it doenst need a harddrive.
    also it more than likely has some sort of insulation to keep the coffee from overheating it.

  • jin woo han says:

    Jason, Does the bottle supply water or juice? If not, why do you design like that?
    Because metaphor? or the bottle is familiar with breakfast ?
    It looks inconvenient to see and hard to realize all the information at once.
    Although,If the bottle can contain some drink, these same problems might be occur.
    I just want to know your thought.

    • Jason says:

      The top lid comes off and you fill it with whatever you want, like any normal mug. There is an open/close part on the lid as well. Its also not meant for you to sit at like a desktop and use it for hours on end. Your not supposed to look at all the info at once. Its not a command center. It is meant for you to not even have to worry about using a PC until you get to work or whatever, just go about your business and be able to check the weather or stocks at a glance. Its meant for busy people will less time than you and I. Its limited, simple, and meant to compliment your morning routine PC-free. Jin, you should just visit my coroflot profile.

  • Wooteik Lim says:

    Interesting arguments.

    All design and designer are on the way to something perfect.
    So, nothing is perfect.
    There is no good design. There are only good.. ‘tries’.
    Every design concept is good ‘try’ because all of them are not, not finished.
    Somebody could hate it. Somebody could like it.
    There is no right answer.
    So I love to design. 🙂

    • jin woo han says:

      ^^ I just have a different opinion and view from others.
      Sure, there is no answer in design field. But certainly good design exist.
      I hope we can find a good design, not a self-contentment design.

  • R says:

    Jin Woo, Sorry this site is in English. I have no interest in learning korean. So if you want to have a “smooth” conversation on an English site, then you need to learn English. Your arguments are so asinine that I cannot bring myself to tear them down. You simply aren’t worth the time. Trying to communicate with you would be like trying to have a conversation with a Pokemon. Of course you wouldn’t look at all the information at once. What kind of person couldn’t figure that out? I am surprised Jason took the time to explain it to you. If you have a legitimate criticism, post it. There is no room for jealousy because your design wasn’t chosen.

    • jin woo han says:

      Wow, Do you still learning english by watching Pokemon? Do you think you can communicate with Pokemon? Amazing.. I understood Pokemon is only exist in virtual reality… Thank you for your imformation.
      So did you use my idea for competetion? That was enough concept to you.
      And, I haven’t submitted my work… didn’t your design choice ? I’m sorry…I didn’t know that.

      • rprebel says:

        Jin Woo, your English grammar may not be perfect, but you can at least spell. That’s more than I can say for most people who spew their half-witted thoughts all over the ‘interwebs’. And ignore that R person. He’s an idiot, and most likely an uneducated redneck I don’t know how to put that in Korean…redneck isn’t easy to explain. Just trust me: Ignore him. You made your point well, and I agree with you.

    • Yanko Design says:

      We always appreciate your comments here at Yanko Design, but please keep refrain from personal criticism. Also, although Yanko Design in an English site, we welcome everyone alike regardless of their geographic location, race, culture, religion, or in this case, their native language. Please try to be kind with your words guys! 🙂

      • Jason says:

        Thank you Yanko! This site is not for tearing down other people’s work, it is a site to enhance the collective consciousness of the design community. If you dislike someones work enough to leave a negative comment about the work and even the designer themselves, then just refrain from commenting all together. I welcome criticism but if you personally attack me and say I’m not even a designer, or that I haphazardly threw together some concept, then you’re missing the point of YankoDesign.

        A professor once told me, “A design is never finished, only abandoned.”

        • Ryan says:

          What good are comments if you’re only going to listen to the positive? Innovation happens when deficiencies in a design are recognized, discussed and addressed, not when they are ignored out of fear of hurting someone’s feelings. That right there is why there are so many tone-deaf contestants on American Idol (just an example). That being said, there is a right way and a wrong way to share your critiques. To keep this from being completely off-topic, my thoughts on the design are below.

          First, there have been several comments made that the technology doesn’t exist to create this today or in the near future. I disagree. Current cell phone technology pretty much covers all of the computing and storage issues, so that just leaves the display. We already have paper-thin displays in devices like the Amazon Kindle. There is also OLED technology, neither of these require a backlight, so power consumption is greatly reduced. Also, see eInk for more examples of currently-available technology that provides a flexible display surface. Right now, most (all?) of these are B/W but I don’t imagine it will be long before they figure out how to make these color.

          The product itself reminds me very much of the SPOT products that MS was pushing a few years back. Overall, I don’t think the medium lends itself well to the intended use and I don’t see any attempts to address the issues (perhaps there are more details somewhere that I’m missing?). Reading alerts, messages, articles, etc. on a convex surface is not very user-friendly and in order to keep the text on a “flat enough” portion of the mug, you’d have to limit the width quite a bit, which would then necessitate scrolling for most things. That then would probably require a second hand to do so in a controlled manner so you don’t scroll too far. That’s not going to work well while eating breakfast or driving to work. An auto-scroll feature might do well here if it’s calibrated well, perhaps responds to a tap or something. Also, one of the stated goals is to allow people to keep up-to-date on late-breaking events while on their way to the office. Reading alerts while driving down the freeway is not a very good idea but I see no mention of any text-to-speech integration or what about doing that over a wireless (i.e. Bluetooth) headset? Bottom line, I think the SPOT concept was flawed in that it tried to use mediums that were not conducive to the types of activities they were trying to use them for. I don’t see how this product addresses those flaws.

  • pieinthesky says:

    I enjoy looking at the design. I imagine the possibilities. This could be used as a safety device if someone was driving and had their morning mix cd playing, they wouldn’t miss out on important news updates such as the events of 9/11. In a busy business environment most professionals can arrive to work alert with the latest industry highlights. It would be great because usually I have to wait for such specific news after I open my yahoo browser at my desk. Great idea and I am positive this will be available someday.

  • loic says:

    I think the problem is that many of these things that get posted are not all that thought out. By the time computer technology becomes this available, we probably wont be drinking coffee. It bugs be because it is just two things thrown together without much thought. Iv never seen a PDA duck taped to a coffee mug.

    • wkhai says:

      things don’t have to be “all that thought out” .. they just have to be functional. look at microsoft windows for a very good example of “not all that thought out” but successful in invading most computer user’s desktops 🙂

      through-out history, mankind have made improvements on products that we see and use every day. if products have to be “perfect” before they go into production, there’ll be no room left for improvements and innovation.

      look at how mass production vehicles have evolved from the very first production model-T… look at how the wright brothers’ bicycle-planes have eveloved into commercial jets and inspired man to not only fly, but to go to space… look at how TV has evolved from black and white rectangular boxes into sleek LCDs/Plasmas these days…

      just look at how barely 15yrs ago, the internet was mostly texts, we had the very first version of netscape browser which can display nothing more than just text and pictures… and how it’s evolved into its current form of mainstream multimedia information superhighway today… look at how barely 15yrs ago we only had 9600kbps dial-up modems to connect to the internet and today it has evolved to broadband / cable / satellite / 3G connections…

      if it had to be well thought out before designs and ideas get implemented and is improved upon… we probably won’t have cars and planes and you and i won’t be commenting on this website.

      you’ve never seen a PDA duct-taped to a coffee mug u say?… 10yrs ago, you’d probably say u’ve never seen an Apple Newton PDA duct-taped to a mobile phone… but look at where we are today with SmartPhones and PDA phones? I believe Palm PDA phones were only commercially and widely available just over 5yrs ago… and 25yrs ago u won’t have seen people walking around carrying telephones in their pockets either 😀

      technology and innovation advances have been increasing at a phenomenal rate over the past decade, and Jason’s idea isn’t that far-fetch nor is it technologically or commercially un-viable to produce 🙂





  • michael meyer says:

    i so want one of these, i came here hoping to find it for sale.

    an idea though, make an insert that can be removed and put in a dishwasher.
    it could even have little standoff pegs in the bottom to further insulate it from any electronics in the base.

  • Pingback says:

    Unfortunately, this concept is being spread out with this nam:
    – Worst Concept Computer Ever: The Coffee Cup PC –
    and many of them agree with that name..
    Stupid childish idea

  • TDG says:

    Wow, a lot of jealousy on this site. Sounds like a lot of people are upset because their designs weren’t picked. If the people who complain on this site had done better work, then they would have been chosen. Fact is, this designer has excellent rendering and design skills. His presentation is also extremely good. When you couple that together you can expect to win competitions.
    Hey Tom J, asking someone to type a coherent sentence is not racist, moron.

  • groonk says:


    where do i buy it?

  • Khalid says:

    Well done job Jason, I believe that your tremendous concept will be distributed every ware in the world. Personally I have my won coffee chain and I know the high demand on coffee traveler mugs especially with a great idea like yours.

    Could you please inform me where I can by it from and how also what would be the price for it?

  • MLG says:

    This idea will work someday when computers consume microwatts or nanowatts of power. I am confident that will happen in the future. The power requirements could at least be supplemented by a thermoelectric converter.

  • Symbian says:

    A watch-like device would be more suitable for on-the-go info feature.

  • Fernando says:

    People are so naive. Why talk like you know alot about technology? This is in no way impossible, there is current technology that enable us to regrow body parts, this is an easy project. What do you mean by no room for the components? There is plenty of room at the bottom of the cup. No room for the hard drive? Are you kidding me? Ever heard of flash memory? Half the cellphones out there are mini super computers, what makes you think you can’t mold one into a cylinder and call it a coffee cup? Post real comments people.

  • Coffee Lover says:

    Thnx and much love.

  • google trend says:

    I anticipate it's an accomplished design. Like Jason said, its a blue-sky abstraction so it is declared to advance boundaries.

  • google trend says:

    I anticipate it's an accomplished design. Like Jason said, its a blue-sky abstraction so it is declared to advance boundaries.

  • Have you ever accomplished that fully without errors?

  • Have you ever accomplished that fully without errors?

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