Hack Your Hunger


At first glance, SoundFIT might look like your average fitness band. Upon further inspection, however, you’ll notice that it’s anything but average and its functionality might surprise you! It doesn’t measure your steps, heart rate or any of that other stuff. Rather, it measures your eating and encourages healthy habits!

The design’s main feature is adapted from a study on the “crunch effect” in which individuals feel more satiated the more they hear a human jaw crunching. Applying this information, SoundFIT features in-ear wearables that pop off of a wristband. Placed in the ear, they amplify the sound of the user’s own chewing so they feel fuller sooner and prevent overeating! It’s a total mind hack! Additionally, the SoundFIT app will track eating tendencies and encourage slower or more thorough chewing depending on their habits.

Designers: Yeji Kim, Ji Yoon Park, Dayeon Lim & Ji Hoon Lee