Plant/Computer Hybrid?

Combining the computer world with the natural environment, Omer Deutsch’s design, Secondary Growth, gives insight to what the future fusion of electronics and mother nature might look like. Complete with soil and germinated seeds, the system functions not only as a computer but as a home for the user’s favorite plant, creating an interesting contrast between a constantly changing organism and an unchanging object of permanence.

The computer’s exterior was designed not only to resist water but to use it for cooling the internal components.

Designer: Omer Deutsch


  • Hard says:

    What A dumb Idea. Why would anyone ditch the current standardization, interchangeability, and upgrade-ability of computer today’s computer components for this stupid design that will cost multiple times the cost of a normal computer, risk water damage, and become obsolete in a few years just so his or her computer can have a plant in it. Here’s a novel idea; buy a normal computer and a plant pot. That will save money and avoid this ugly, room dominating piece of crap that looks like it was made by a hippie who knew nothing about computers and everything about edgy, useless decoration.

  • Cheshire says:

    So, you’re saying it’s a Mac, Hard?

  • Dan says:

    That’s not a plant computer hybrid. That’s a plant in a pot that has holes in it that you can shove your computer parts into. Plant computer hybrid implies they work together in some way. This means if you forget to water your plant your PC is going to overheat.

  • Dan says:

    Sorry should have said “With this design” in the last sentence not “This means”

  • mdriaz says:

    What is a plant computer hybrid. Can anybody tell me.

  • This website is always good for a laugh. Most of the designs just make me think these people have their head in the clouds away from reality and too much time on their hands.
    I think I am yet to see anything that makes me think, wow, what a great idea!

  • binther says:

    I don’t think its a bad idea. Inherently, computers are not attractive: Functional, yes, attractive, no. Never mind upgrade-ability, cost, etc., it nicely disguises an otherwise boring desk.

  • Jer says:

    If you don’t like design porn, why even comment at all?

    I think this is a great design, also who’s to say if the device will be interchangeable with further upgrading tech, the designer obviously is still in draft phase, and a better designer than many making money in the biz.

    Keep negative comments to yourself.

  • omer deutsch says:

    First of all, for all of you guys:
    this is a concept design, which means its more of a saying, an agenda of thinking of design, not a consumer product!

    second: this is an hybrid, means that the computer uses the water for cooling itself down while giving the plant its needs

    Hope i explained it a little better for you

    have a happy new year

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