The Value Of A Promise

Growing up my parents would often make promises they had no intention of keeping. Usually these empty verbal contracts were just a ploy to get me to do something or more likely – to stop me from doing something. Whenever I tried to collect on those promises, they would suddenly acquire an acute case of selective amnesia. I wish I have the Credit Seal.

Winner of the 2007 Red Dot Award, the Credit Seal is an digital device that records and stamps an agreement made between parent and child. The next time dad promises a Nintendo Wii for good grades, you can rest assured he will have to divvy up when you bring home that report card. Of course the Credit Seal works for parents too. They can use it to collect on promises made by their children. It teaches kids the value of trust and the importance of meaning what you say.

Designer: Arthur Xin


  • 1389 says:

    It should have the date and time recorded also. If it does, I don’t see it in the photo!

  • Jerry says:

    It teaches kids the value of trust and the importance of meaning what you say.

    How so? It teaches the exact opposite. Trust is when it isn’t necessary to write things down like that. It’s a nice idea but to use it as an educational tool is pretty misguided.

  • edel says:

    Gah… Really horrible photoshop work. holding a pepper mill and shooting it, then changing the pepper mill to the color of the gadget you want to put in and THEN cutting/pasting, clone tooling ect from there woudlve granted better results. Also, the reflective surface was kind of half-assed as well. Lots of people visit this website several times a day. I’m not the only douche that nit picks(i hope).

    Apart from me being a complete JERK with my critique… The device itself? I really dig the design. Really cute idea… for lying-ass parents and the kids who have to deal with them too frequently. Not that this would help, but it’d be annoying enough to work… eventually 🙂

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