Turn your dog’s dreaded bath time into treat time with this slow feeder!

If you own a dog, you know the commotion and flurry that follows when you mention the words ‘Bath time’. You only catch a glimpse of your furry friend, before they begin jolting for their lives. Something about pets in general and baths simply does not mesh. Daniel Lentz and Tom Zipprian grew up having similar struggles with their pets, and hence their creation the ‘Aquapaw Slow Treater’. The ingenious product is a slow feeder for treats, which aims to persuade your puppy/adult dog to get into the shower or bathtub, and most importantly to make sure they stay there.

Designers: Daniel Lentz & Tom Zipprian

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So how does the Slow Treater work? Simply lather the feeder with your pet’s favorite treat. Peanut butter, pate, meat mince, their preferred canned dog food, and smeared cream or cottage cheese are a few examples of the food you could coat the feeder with.

Once their treat is in place, stick the feeder onto any smooth surface and let it do it’s magic! Your pet will be instantly attracted to the curious little item filled with a yummy snack. Equipped with rubber nubs, these nubs will slow down their licking and extend how long it takes for them to slurp up the treat. Made from 100% FDA grade silicone, the feeder is totally safe for the usage of your pets. Amped with suction cups, wings and tabs, the Slow Treater can be easily placed and removed from any surface.

The treater is completely dishwasher friendly, so it can be cleaned without much effort on your part. It is also freezable, so you can fill it up with your chosen treat and pop it into the freezer. Freezing the treat ensures that it lasts longer when your doggo finally gets to it.

The innovative slow feeder isn’t limited to bath time only, it can be used when you’re brushing your canine buddy or cleaning their ears, cutting their nails, basically, any health and hygiene-related task that they may abhor. Tried and tested, the Aquapaw Slow Treater is the ultimate bath time distraction!