A Toaster that Pops up a Sanitized, Charged Smartphone!


A phone sees a lot of use in a lot of varying environments, so it’s to be expected that during the course of the day they will pick unwanted and potentially harmful germs. While this is far from being an unknown fact, a lot of us simply do not find the time, or simply forget, to keep our phones clean!

Hello! is the answer to this problem, and it does so in a quirky and playful manner. Taking inspiration heavily from a toaster, this desk-top device sterilize the smartphone while simultaneously topping up its charge! When both processes are complete the phone will ‘pop-up’; this acts as a visual indicator to signify the end of the process, while also adding an element of fun into the product.

This all happens within a device that features a sci-fi-like aesthetic, with its transparent casing that gently glows as the sterilization process is carried out!

Designers: Jeong Hwan Sohn & JungHo Lee


“According to the National Center for Cell Science (NCCS), the daily smartphone we carry is detected 18 times more than the bacteria in the toilet bowl,” explains Sohn.


“In order to increase the usability of the wireless charger, We studied the user environment of the toaster and applied it”