Interchangeable Tap Handles

The ‘Core’ tap uses both aesthetics and function to make the design an overall success. The main design features include the industrial style, the hollow spout, and the interchangeable cores of the handles. The solid shape makes a very bold statement in the bathroom, while its solid structure the small fillets make it look comfortable without attracting too much attention. The simple controls help to compliment the simple design.

Designer: David Swilks


  • Sunghoon Mun says:

    NICE ONE DAVE ! Lets meet up soon~

  • P says:

    Wow, this is the best looking and most intriguing fixture set I’ve seen in a long time. Love the hollow spout, it’s definitely one of those details that makes someone do a double take when the form registers in their brain. The customizable color blocks are a major plus too for those who want to match paint or themes in their bathroom. Awesome!

  • frip51 says:

    Looks great, but as I’ve been in that business a while ago I’d suggest a few alterations to actually make it work:
    Close the side of the faucet (which can also be carried out to match the interchangeable theme) to enable proper internal water flow. Have a look at standard faucets and their ‘waterways’! Because in your concept there is too little space to give the water a specific direction at the outlet, apart from probably having an undersize opening.
    The other thing is that you need to give the engineers enough space to change the inner architecture in order to reduce noise level (water running through non-optimized cheap faucets can be really loud!).
    One can also argue that the design lacks a removable filter element, but this might not be necessary for a concept. Maybe you could hide it away under the colored caps.

    Keep up the good work!
    cheers m

  • Jules says:

    This is so beautiful !

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