This tiny A-frame cabin can be transported anywhere for a spontaneous escape to nature!

Being cooped up indoors as a result of the global pandemic, many of us have been getting creative with new ways of traveling and escaping to cabins in nature. Some of us are road tripping and stopping at peak destinations along the way, some of us are migrating back home for more nostalgic ventures, and then the rest of us are sticking to good, old-fashioned camping. Designed especially to bring people closer to the great outdoors, Bivvi is a modular and transportable A-frame cabin that can either be attached to your car for road trips or to a chosen foundation for permanent placement.

The creators at Bivvi make up a team of travelers and adventure-seekers– they built Bivvi so that we can be too. They set out to build Bivvi after noticing the inherently immobile and expensive nature of cabins and other modes of residence for travelers already on the market. Taking on mobility as their main source of inspiration, each Bivvi Cabin can be attached to a trailer hitch and tow so that they can be transported anywhere. The team behind Bivvi even outfit their A-frame cabins with off-grid capabilities including three 600W AC outlets and a 100W solar panel, so they really do mean anywhere.

Bivvi’s triangular shape measures 8-6’’ wide x 11’-6’’ long and 10’-6’’ tall, providing enough space for a full-sized bed and an optional desk to fit inside the cabin’s interiors, which are paneled in pinewood or plywood, with options for either Douglas fir or birch. The bed can be positioned just underneath the Bivvi Cabin’s triangle picture window, so guests can sleep and nestle as close to nature as possible.

To get even closer to nature, each cabin is also prefabricated in a factory with sustainably sourced materials to maintain eco-friendly building practices. Offering natural ventilation window openings, stained and sealed tongue-and-groove cedar siding, full insulation, locking door hardware, additional porthole windows, and durable metal roofing, a Bivvi Cabin provides all one might need to get away to the great outdoors.

Designer: Bivvi Camp

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Bivvi Cabins can either remain transportable via trailer hitch and tows or can be situated and fastened to chosen foundations.

Bivvi Cabins can be easily be attached to cars and transported anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a more remote experience or communal getaway, Bivvi Cabin can accommodate your travel needs.

Bivvi Camp comes outfitted with durable metal roofing to ensure a weatherproof buid.

Inside, Bivvi Camp can fit a full-sized bed and even a desk.

While the exterior of Bivvi Camp boasts a durable, long-lasting metal coat, the interiors are warmed up with natural pine wood.

A triangular picture window provides guests with up-close views of the surrounding nature.

Bivvi Cabin can accommodate large groups of travelers or lone travelers looking for a quick getaway.