It’s Like Biological Twitter

The Moody Sensiblog is a watch-like device that records and broadcasts your readings to a blog for all to read. Why would someone want to do this? The same reason why Twitter, the social community that asks one simple question, “what are you doing?”, is so addictive and popular.

Lets break this down. Say you’re playing a rousing game of tennis. An accelerometer detects changes in your motion and charts it to a blog. At the same time people may be booing or cheering you on. A microphone briefly records moments that seem to set your heart racing and posts that to the blog. There’s even an electrical sensor to detect changes in the skin like sweat to show how hard you’re working. Of course the same could be said about many other ‘activities’, say for example – bedroom ones. Do you really want the interweb to know all this? I bet you do. Freak!

I’m kidding. In all seriousness, it’s an interesting concept. Usually blogs are designed to tell YOU the reader what’s up but the Moody Sensiblog proposes readers extrapolate from a set of sensor readings to determine what you’re doing. I would imagine after some time, a profile can be built up to match data to activity.

Designer: Antonio Arico & WoMan ASP Team