Take A Look At Yanko Design Office

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how does my office look like. So today I quickly took some pictures of my office! As you can see and maybe you will notice from the contents I chose to publish on my site that I tend to like the minimalist design or the scandinavian design. Not the most unique but the design radiates elegance and clarity which allows me to focus on my task at hand! I have few accent pieces on my shelf, stand alone blackboard/shelf to hold my to-do lists/personal accessories and last but not least my table. Again nothing too fancy but that’s my office and I hoped you enjoyed it!

What I would love to see is your self designed office – send me a picture (takashi.yamada-at-yankodesign.com) or a link to your blog or to flickr or YouTube and leave a link in comments below.

Designer: Takashi Yamada