Take A Look At Yanko Design Office

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how does my office look like. So today I quickly took some pictures of my office! As you can see and maybe you will notice from the contents I chose to publish on my site that I tend to like the minimalist design or the scandinavian design. Not the most unique but the design radiates elegance and clarity which allows me to focus on my task at hand! I have few accent pieces on my shelf, stand alone blackboard/shelf to hold my to-do lists/personal accessories and last but not least my table. Again nothing too fancy but that’s my office and I hoped you enjoyed it!

What I would love to see is your self designed office – send me a picture (takashi.yamada-at-yankodesign.com) or a link to your blog or to flickr or YouTube and leave a link in comments below.

Designer: Takashi Yamada


  • Sean says:

    Wow, you are very clean and tidy…

    I too have a desk similar to your, only a computer, notepad, and a lamp.

    I think every successful blogger have a neat and clean desk to work on to keep them from distraction and stay focus 🙂

  • Charles says:

    I like how clean and simple your setup is. I have lots of stuff on my desk and I think it tends to distract me from blogging.

  • David says:

    Goes to show you simple=better. Nice set up!

  • Mike says:

    What Notebook and monitor are you using?

  • Tejvan says:

    Very interesting. I appreciate it being so clear and uncluttered.

  • Prasanga says:

    Real nice ambiance you created to work by keeping your desk neat.

  • Suiya says:

    I am looking forward to the day I can have a office like that yet alone getting my own office. Right now we are in a 1 bedroom apartment, so my office is wherever I can find a place to put down my laptop.

  • Mr.Woo says:

    Wow.. cool setup 🙂 I want to have ur stuff too 😀

  • Jan says:

    Really nice setup. That’s one of the keys to success. 🙂

  • Claudia says:


    Very nice office!
    It’s very clean…is it usually so?

  • Jason Park says:

    Those are some nice setups, mine is definitely a lot messier. Every time I clean it up it gets all cluttered again, I guess that’s how I work best!

  • nL says:

    That’s a pretty nice setup! Who makes the furnishings you have, specifically the stand alone blackboard/shelf? I really like the look of those. I tried looking through Rosendahl’s website (since that’s what’s at the top) but was unable to find them. Any information would me much appreciated.

    • Yanko Design says:

      I’m pretty much of a cheat here because the Rosendahl furnishing you see here are not for the private consumers. Rosendahl is a design firm producing design objects and those furnishings are used themselves when they need to set up a temporary show room in various trade show they attend. I was fortunate to be able to order them because I once managed a design shop that decided to dedicate a space for Rosendahl products. When the store no longer wished to carry their line, I had to take the furnishing away and eventually ended up in my office. For some odd reasons they were no other takers. Very heavy btw, all in stainless steel.

  • Jacob says:

    Mine set-up includes a new desk wife got me for my birthday last month. Not much added except there is usually a mug of tea on there.

  • Tomoaki says:

    This is a great website made by a great team, I have got a lot of inspiration from it.

  • Tobias says:

    great set up but looks very small. How big is this place?

    • Yanko Design says:


      • Long Tran says:

        I should post a picture of my desk. The juxtaposition next to yours would be kinda cool. Tho I do find the explosion of toys and colors around my desk do make it harder to concentrate at times.

        It would be interesting to see other designer’s work spaces. I bet they vary as much as the concepts on this site.

  • Long Tran says:

    OMG A designer and no Mac in sight!

  • jin woo han says:

    Isn’t it 3D work? why is so clean ? Where is your girl frineds picture !!?

  • Freshome says:

    Clean lines, very tidy, and I’m sure this space can be improved. 😉

  • Morgan says:

    You have to step over that power cord everyday. That would drive me crazy.

  • Willzville says:

    Yeah that power cord needs sorting out man.

  • Aaron says:

    =O, I need to know what the kettle type object on the 3rd image is! I’ve been looking for it everywhere on the internet, and can’t find what it’s called! Please, I need it! xD

  • Sonny Angela says:

    So simple…..but do we really need nothing as simple as it is?

  • yogita says:

    hey… so sad.. there’s no space for storage.. the place looks like its been cleaned only for images.. i mean, the phones are neatly arranged one next to the other.. there’s no trace of paper work on the desk.. the pic is only conveying the superficial..

  • ckinyc says:

    Where did you get shelves? thx CK

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