Ten Incredible Light Options

You may spend thousands of Dollars re-doing your home, but all the money is wasted if you don’t create the correct ambiance. How do you get that? Simple, compliment what you got with the correct lighting. This is the one deciding factor that can either hype up the room, or make it dowdy and drab. Let’s look at Ten Incredible Light Options that will surely glam-up your space.

10) Shattered Lights by Ira Rozhavsky


An eerie blob, perhaps? Nay, it’s an awesome light that can be folded and what not! The tiny LEDs on the edges give it a very kitsch look.

9) White Noise Lamp for Ill & Elderly by Shane Crozier


White Noise actually belongs in hospitals and is meant for infusing warmth in the sterile environment. But I can see it becoming a trendy room partition, like the kind you could use to demarcate the living and the dining area.

8 ) Hour Glass Night Light by Sun-Young Lee


Redefining the functioning of a night-lamp, the trendy Hour Glass Lamp will look gorgeous on any bed-side table. It’s the perfect combo of green-living and style.

7) Torn Lighting by Billy May


Creating the perfect illusion of diffused lighting in your apartment, the Torn Lighting exudes a warm glow. This makes it a good option for creating a sophisticated ambience.

6) I-Quad LED Tiles by Soo-Jin Chou, Young-Hee Cho, Young-Kuk Oh, Oh-Jae Kwon & Kue-Hoo Hwang


Altho this won’t create any lighting ambience, the concept of having LED tiles that interact and display images is simply awesome. Ideal for spaces like a teen’s room or a bachelor pad.

5) Folding Lamp by Thomas Hick


DIY Lamp; perfect for when you move into a new apartment and are gung-ho about creating magical things for it. Fold yourself a bright new lamp!

4) LED Light Show In Water by Seung-Jin Lee


Agreed you can’t install this at home, but imagine looking at it from your apartment window. A gentle breeze, a glass of wine in your hand and you gazing out of the window, at this mesmerizing collection of floating lights.

3) Nomadic Lamp by Dorota Kulawik


Lights that can be peppered around the home; more like teen spirit! However, interesting enough to warrant a spot in the room; especially if a sleepover is happening.

2) The Cork Light by Won-Gye Na


“The latest bar décor”, reflective of an eccentric personality, this kinda of lighting just sums up all lessons in ingenuity.

1) Pear Shaped Light by Nick Foleys


This one’s really a genius. Besides adding art to your room, the lamps add a quick sense of wit to the ambience. Pick a pear light, place it elsewhere and then hook it back for re-charging. I prefer it on the tree however, that ways it looks complete.