Meet the newest DIY flatpack stool that takes only 4 steps to assemble without any tools or hardware!

Small stools can come in handy anywhere. From empty art studios to crowded offices, stools can make the simple difference between sitting on the floor and having a seat. They especially come in handy when they’re designed for easy assembly and storage. Developed by Alondra Elizalde, That Stool is a flatpack DIY small stool designed with easy assembly to provide a practical means of having a stool anywhere, at any time.

That Stool is comprised of only a few parts: a seat rest, five legs, a couple of star-shaped spindles, and some connecting nuts and bolts. All contained within a flatpack corrugated cardboard box, the parts of That Stool are easy to assemble with no additional hardware required. Following the imprinted instructions on the underside of That Stool’s top cover, users will first attach each leg to the corresponding screws on the star-shaped spindles. From there, connecting fasteners secure the legs and spindles in place, providing a sturdy bolster for the seat rest to mount.

Assembled in only four steps without any additional hardware, That Stool is a practical and easy solution where small stools might come be needed at a minute’s notice. Whether you volunteer at an art gallery or tutor youngsters through an after-school program, That Stool is a simple and versatile piece of furniture that can be used anywhere, at any time.

Designer: Alondra Elizalde