Witty, yet Functional

Out of Office, a British design firm consists of four graduates of Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. After graduating, each of the designers independently worked for other companies yet still made time to work individually on their own ideas.

In April of 2007, they had a meet up where they compared ideas and made the decision to work together from there.

They wanted to create a company that created designs that were both witty and functional. Using a combination of elements used in the design field, they created well thought out and unique concepts. Each design has the cleverness of each of the four individuals incorporated into it, which have resulted in fresh ideas in the design world.

Designer: OOF Studio [ Via: Core77 ]

Cloud Sponge is a sponge that rains on you in the bath, it provides a playful interaction – reminiscent of being in the rain.

A triplet of mittens for two, the double mitten at the centre allows two hands to fit inside. A  couple can hold hands without losing the sense of touch and affection through physical contact whilst keeping warm on a cold day.

A ferromagnetic shade base & magnetic top shapes allowing the user to change design at will. The Ferro shade is designed to be like a magnetic tapestry where a pattern can be followed to achieve a detailed design or a more random approach can be adopted to create a complete one off.

A small outdoor mirror & perch to attract wild birds to your garden. A reinterpretation of the familiar bird cage toy, this hard wearing outdoor mirror allows all types of wild birds to admire themselves in the trees.

A variety of musical hair combs which transforms neglected, unknown (hammer smashing) or impossible sounds & tones into a visual representation that people can play day-to-day. The tones are recorded then constructed into a frequency histogram ready to be produced & dispatched for you to experiment with. To create the melody you strum the teeth of the comb.