Top 5 stool designs to replace your traditional chairs

At Yanko Design, we believe in constantly innovating, creating, and evolving. It’s a philosophy that serves as a lifeline for us, and one of the results of this lifeline is the YD x KeyShot Inspiration Hub! The Inspiration Hub is our ‘ever-expanding encyclopedia’ of design work for you to participate in, to inspire designers, and to get inspired by. Created in collaboration with KeyShot, the Inspiration Hub is your one-stop space for inspiration where designers like you can submit your impressive designs and be awarded to stand out in the crowd and to inspire other like-minded designers.

To kickstart your journey and send some motivation your way, we’ve curated some of our favorite stool designs from the Inspiration Hub. These unique and uber-cool stool designs will motivate you to create something spectacular and submit the design, as a gateway to sharing it with the best of the design world. Additionally, we will also be picking our favorite Design of the Week, Design of the Month, and Design of the Year – every week, month, and year from the submissions on the Inspiration Hub. Keep an eye on our Instagram page and the Inspiration Hub to see if your design gets picked. Fingers crossed!

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1. The Pentagon Stool

Designed by Designerd ™, the Pentagon Stool is a minimal low stool that has been built using five identical pieces of hardwood. The hardwood pieces function as the legs of the stool, giving it its name ‘Pentagon’. The legs are woven together and held together using a star plate. The designer states that the leg element of the stool can be swiftly and efficiently produced in a one-line production. The Pentagon Stool comes in a flat-pack design and can be assembled with ease.

2. Sushant Vohra’s Stool

Designed by Sushant Vohra, this stool design is pretty cool! It features a concise circular platform that serves as a seating section, with a concrete and clear coated sheet metal volume inserted into it, functioning as a support for the seating area. The result is a visually and geometrically interesting stool with a burst of orange that counteracts the otherwise minimal and simple appearance of the stool.

3. The Balanco Stools

The Balanco stools by Tati Architects were designed during the pandemic to provide kids and adults with something to play and engage with! Besides being interesting playthings, the stools are great seating options, inspired by rocks and boulders. You can stack the stools in different forms and patterns, in turn creating art in the process. The idea for the Balanco stools came from the Japanese practice of stacking pebbles to create towers.

4. The Fels Stool

The Fels Stool by OUT stands out from most of the stools on the market as they’re quite aesthetically pleasing. They’re a stark contrast to the boring wooden stools we usually see in homes. They have a sculptural appeal to them, and they’re also multifunctional! The Fels stool is excellent for a variety of reasons. It’s been crafted from wood, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly piece of furniture. Secondly, although it is built from wood, it looks as if it’s been carved from stone!

5. The Drum

Called the Drum, this minimal yet elegant stool features an interesting stackable design. Designed by Teixeira Design Studio, it’s been built using cork and wood, rating it high on sustainability. The seat is built using cork, features rounded trimmed surfaces, and is supported by slim wooden legs that effortlessly blend in with the seat. The cork seat is quite comfortable to sit on and also provides grip while handling. Since the stool is stackable it ensures a secure stack that stays in place always.

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