Tok Tak Plug Plays Music

The Tok Tak is certainly one of the most basic and smallest MP3 player concepts we’ve seen. The entire device looks like a standard audio jack, in fact that’s pretty much what it is. The plug dangles from your earphones when used on the go. People might mistake you for crazy walking around with what looks like earbuds attached to nothing but they’d be wrong. The Tok Tak also comes with a base station in which you can plug it in to recharge, upload new music, and act as a joystic controller to listen to your turns externally.

Designer: Tae-wan Kim


  • Very nice concept, very simple.

    some quarels however, im sure they have been though of tho, but none the less;
    putting the male jack on the players side ……

    ah, never mind, very clever indeed. it removes the need for cables when plugging it into most audio devices.

    How do you control the device?

    would be very helpfull if it shipped with a female to female adapter to use your own headphones. (ala S.E’s in ear headphones with a similarily short cable)

    would love to see this taken through to fruition

  • John Q says:

    How would you control this device? more importantly, how would you power it?

  • Sugar Death says:

    The is really neat. How big is the storage on this device?

    • Robbyn chirp says:

      i’m sure it can hold a good size of music. i have one of those micro sd’s for my phone. this thing is freakin tiny. but it can hold like 8 gigs. and its smaller then this player. so my guess…. it might hold like 1/3 of an i pod maybie

      if you havent seen a micro before. look at the word like or hold… its about as big as the words… yea…. tiny huh?!


  • Bokusatsu Tenshi says:

    I wonder if it’s even doable. Last time I heard, the smallest mp3 player was a coin shapped thingie and that little cube from… Blusomething.

    But it really looks nice. And would be great for people who likes to listen to music while jogging or something.

  • Where can I get one of these ?

  • Freshome says:

    Awesome ultra hi-tech mp3 player, but I think this is just a concept, or I’m wrong ?

  • Avin says:

    It’s a very nice concept, throw in a oled display and bluetooth, i know the size will increase but i think the slightly bigger capsule will still be beautiful….

    If it has a multi colored led or the oled can be programmed to change color to display the current mood or a crystal can be in it… and it will become a fashion accessory, even when it’s not in use…. a soft pulsating glow when a phone calls comes in…

    Beautiful ….. the original concept and design is beautifully minimalist… love it !!

  • ConcepTrends says:

    I still like the iPOD 😉 How much does it cost this mp3 player?

  • Timothy Bogh says:

    I think the only problem with this devide, is controling it. I see that it can be controlled when it’s connected to the dock, but how should it be possible to control it, while your on the go?

    I love the fact, that the MP3-player is a male jack! That makes it possible to connect it to another devices audio inlet, and then use fx. the speakers in your laptop to listen to music loudly from the MP3-player.

    Please excuse my bad english.

  • Jennifer Ko says:

    I like the concept of joystick control speaker, but how can we transfer the songs in to the mp3?
    I think a card slot or mini usb jack could be added.

  • llz says:

    I am Chinese.sorry说中文,我想买一个,怎么买,多少钱?

  • llz says:

    请有E mail联系

  • AbuMaia says:

    to those who were wondering how it is controlled, it appears to me that it is separate in the middle, and twisty.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I’d buy one, but imagine losing that thing. That would be a nightmare.

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