Putting the ‘Sun’ in Mason Jar


What you’d find on Pinterest as a DIY project, could suddenly turn into a movement, helping save energy, provide energy, and more importantly, provide jobs! The Consol Solar Jar is a mason jar that houses solar panels on the lid. Keep the jar out in the sun and it absorbs solar energy throughout the day. Come sunset, the jar lights up from the inside, becoming a functional lamp that is also beautiful!

The beauty of the Consol extends to the fact that it is handmade using local materials, by native South Africans. The Consol provides steady jobs to this community, while instilling in them a sense of design, as they build these beautifully desirable lamps!

The Jar, being empty, is customizable, allowing you to decorate it on the inside with anything from shells, to postcards, to potpourri, making it not just a luminary, but a decorative element in your home too! Plus, guess what. It’s completely portable! So take your ornamental lamp wherever you go!

Designer: Consol

Buy It Here: $22.99 $34.90