Hewlett-Packard Once Again!

It is so refreshing to find designers indulge in fantasy games that go beyond Apple and Microsoft. Not that we can do without another iPhone 6 (or was it 7) concept, it’s just the question of visualizing other another brand from the intellectual realm. Apparently Raymond RJ Wong, Lead Industrial Designer at Hewlett-Packard, asked a bunch of designers to come up with what they think about social communication, and this is what we got.

HP Link is a communication tool of tomorrow, which captures and releases an authentic communication. It augments the sensory possibilities of existing communication devices by directional or surround sound recording; touch pen, natural sound immersion with acoustic paper technology and intuitive inkjet printing.

A daily life tool that adapt to each one habits, thanks to its multiple communication possibilities.

Designers: Romain Guillame & Léo Marzolf