Hold’em Down, Light’em Up

USB thumb drives are everywhere. Many people have more than one and they’re easy to lose because of their small size. The Candle Holdem comes with 5 USB thumb drives with keychain attachments. When you plug one in, an LED lights up. From a distance, if you plug in all 5, they look like a set of candles. Now you will always know where to put your thumb drives and keys.

Designer: Chong Mingliang Sky


  • Spencer says:

    Candles, or possibly Asteroids.

  • M. Schlabach says:

    I am confused about what it actually does, but I want one!

  • Natashaz5 says:

    So when you travel, your USB device doesnt have a cap/cover?? and Its going to look really ugly if I have various different looking usbs plugged in…
    But hey, It’d be really cool, if everytime I plugged it in, it’d auto back up my data… 🙂

  • Mr. Poko says:

    It can't store more than 5 thumb drives , and i'm a teacher i need a holder which can give me multiple holders , plus my students thumb drives comes in different shapes and size so it would not fit

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