Turn Vegetables Into Spaghetti!

Following the idea to give vegetables an attractive new shape, design studio Nose Design created Vegetable Twister. In the Vegetable Twister, cucumbers, potatoes, zucchini, radish and many other types of vegetables are transformed into endless spirals and spaghetti. The selected vegetable is slipped on the twister screw and afterwards screwed in either the slicing attachment “spiral” or “spaghetti” as desired. By choosing a flat thread, even hard types of vegetables can be twisted through the Vegetable Twister. With almost no effort, a result is achieved that opens up new culinary possibilities and which will astonish your guests. A relief design of both slicing attachments, together with integrated openings, produces a highly decorative and distinctive effect.

Designer: Nose Design Intelligence [ Manufacturer: Betty Bossi ]