Robot-Surgeon Hybrid Workstation

The MIRO-Lab combines the precision advantages of robotics with the human know-how of surgeons into a single, process-optimized workstation that increases the overall quality of minimally invasive surgery. Using hand and foot movement with haptic and tactile feedback, surgeons have complete control of the operating area displayed on a 3D-Screen. It’s the next best thing to the surgery-module in the Alien movies! Hit the jump to see it in action!

Using the MIRO-Lab console terminal, the surgeon controls the robot system via hand and foot input. Haptic and tactile feedback allows a realistic simulation of forces and momentums: In this way he can palpate tumour tissue for instance. Furthermore the system compensates the surgeon‘s tremur and ensures movement with highest precision. With the fibrescope, an image of the operating area is transmitted to a curved 3D-screen. Its‘ concavity enables the surgeon a higher degree of immersion. While the surgery is in progress, the surgeon can prop himself on an adjustable arm support. All ergonomic settings of the interface can be controlled intuitively via the hand input devices and saved in an individual user profile. The open design of the system ensures having an ideal overview during surgery and a direct communication among the surgery team. The detailed observation and analysis of the work flow made it possible to reduce complexity.

Designer: Moritz Philip Schmidt