Pencil Flat

Pencil modification number one billion! It only makes sense that one of the longest lasting and most popular tools ever created by humankind would be the subject of such a giant amount of conceptual revisions. This one right here’s flat. More like it comes to a point. Not the one where you write out of, but along the whole stick. Makes it nicer to hold, they say, makes it harder to roll, they say.

Designer Sang-hoon Lee is responsible for this particular revision of the writing stick. Pen-Sally is what my highschool art teacher would’ve called it. Sang-hoon Lee calls this one the “Edge Pencil.”

See what you make of it.

Designer: Sang-hoon Lee

Edge Pencil by Sang-hoon Lee





  • Nice and simple

  • Joo says:


  • oh says:

    Good Sense~

  • Faye says:

    umm yeah so how do you sharpen it!?!

  • malb says:

    beautiful thinking, but the point will wear out only on the side opposite to the edge, wich leads to sharpening more often, thus, less useful life.

    • trybudi says:

      maybe that is the reason of existence of triangular pencil.

      similar concept but works much better for me since with trianglular pencil, the opposite side of the edge is flat, making it more comfortable when resting on the middle finger.

  • mif991 says:

    Well done. I don’t have a problem with the hex pencils I use at work. I would try your edge design, but are they available? and do they sharpen like a normal pencil?

  • Chloe says:

    sharpen it with the skinning knife.

  • brack says:

    wood pencils do feel so much better than plastic ones, but I’m torn. I like the little change.

  • Flat pencils are in every DIY shop already, for carpentry. $0.6 for a dozen 🙂

  • Confucius says:

    Um, hexagons don’t roll?

  • dustin says:

    great solution to a problem that never existed.. pencils rolling? how about turning them perpendicular to the slope.. try it

    • Alienzexist says:

      I second that. how about focusing design problem-solving to an area that isnt so frivolous. I understand that the pencil is a tool, and tools need good design, but you should be more humble. You haven’t given attention to how you would sharpen this thing and get it to look perfect as in your renderings. I can thnk of a million ideas equivalent: flat-pen, tri-pen, flat-pencil-light, edge-pen-usb-drive, edge-candle, edge-marker, flat-marker, flat-edge-marker-pencil, see where im going? Who taught these people design?

      • JimEJr says:

        It would likely sharpen in any normal sharpener that can already sharpen a round pencil and hex pencils. I don’t see a design issue concerning sharpening.

        With this design being a hybrid of the two, and the blades of a sharpener only impacting the writing tip (1-2 cms), making that part of the pencil rounded like all other pencil designs, the edge will not be an issue.

  • JimEJr says:

    I wish I had these when I was in school (don’t write much anymore considering my iPhone and MacBook use).

    Superb design… and it’s funny how something so simple and around so long can still be redesigned and improved on.

    This one is definitely going in my Inspirational Designs album in iPhoto… it will help remind me how even the most simplistic of items can be given new life.

  • matko says:

    so, one reason is make a suitable sharpener for these pencils 😛

  • Les Lesaca, Architec says:

    I have tried a pencil using an Equilateral TRIANGLE section before, but you design seems more natural!

  • Les Lesaca, Architect says:

    I have tried a pencil using an Equilateral TRIANGLE section before, but you design seems more natural!

  • Dave says:

    Just give that Drop shaped cross-section at the upper tip of the pencil as a plastic/rubber/wooden add on…. Problem solved!!!

    No more new sharpeners, no change in existing pencil shapes….

    Please correct me if i m wrong… 🙂

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