A Snowboarder’s Best Friend

Behold the Koncur Stix. As if snowboarders didn’t have enough to carry, here’s yet one more item but it may be well worth it. The Koncur Stix is a telescopic pole that gives you precise readings about the condition of the snow, temperature, and includes a compass, altitude reader, and an emergency whistle.

The odd thing is all those features are housed inside interchangeable clips. The main unit only consists of the pole itself and an LCD display. Why they didn’t just build everything into one unit is beyond me. So if you’re a snowboarder, ask yourself, would you need one of these?

Designer: Expansion Design


  • Barton Smith says:

    The interchangeable attachments are there to adapt to the situation. Clip in the ‘powder rake’ when you’re in the deep, the screwdriver for fixing your equipment, or an avalanche probe for the back country. Just to name a few 😀

  • stylyroper says:

    where i can buy it ? please thank u

  • Elfi Stark says:

    How and where to buy Koncur Stix?

    Thanks for an answer!

  • lyy says:


  • Brennan says:

    I dunno, I guess this is what I bought an iPhone for…

    Being more durable would be good. Maybe if it was inlayed into a glove or something for hands free usage?

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