Dressing Up The iPhone 5/5S With Windsor Wallet Sleeve

When I met up with the Vaultskin team in London, I was impressed with their passion for bringing quality-designed products to the market. Unlike the mass-produced iPhone wallets that don’t even last you a month, each Windsor Wallet Sleeve for iPhone 5/5S is made from Luxury Italian Leather and luxe micro-suede lining, offering the ultimate protection and convenience. In short the sleeve lasts you long and good!

Fine details have gone into designing the Windsor Wallet Sleeve for iPhone 5/5S. For example, the pouch is a slim fit and features a pull up strap that assists you in easily sliding the iPhone 5 out of the case. The conveniently placed pockets help you store up to 8 of your cards and the close fitting and secure design ensures that none of them slip out.

To break it down further, the pocket in front is for 2 cards, and the larger one at the back fits up to 6 cards. So cards, cash and keys … all are taken care of!

Fashioned to carry in jean pockets and clutch handbags, the case feels as comfortable as it looks. Love their catch phrase though, “Perfectly fitted to hold your phone, even when your case and life is turned upside down!” I hear you!

Like I mentioned earlier, this sleeve is for keeps and an ideal gift for the upcoming holiday season.

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Designer: Vaultskin [ Buy it Here ]