A Bend In That Ruler

A curved ruler? Why would anyone need one? It’s not curved horizontally, it’s curved vertically so you have to press down on it to get a smooth edge. Sure, it may sound a bit unrealistic But it’s this kind of eccentric idea that makes the Arch Ruler more convenient and enjoyable than your old fashioned, traditional ruler.

Designer: Tomoya Yoshida


  • Marc Fraser says:

    I think this is an elegant solution for those of us (oldies) who still use a ruler (ie. still actually put pen to paper as part of our design activities!)

    To have your ruler spring back up once you release your hand means you can easy grab and move it – unlike it’s flat siblings that often require razor sharp fingernails, or a deft slide off the side of the desk to be able to pick up.

    Nice work



  • mod*mom says:

    good for back to school tool + conversation piece

  • Pooney Magic says:

    The purpose of this clever idea is that it will prevent smudging when the ruler gets removed from the paper.

  • paul sandip says:

    Quite interesting! 🙂

  • Lawrence says:

    Pretty smart idea.
    people tend to press the ruler when use it, so that it will stay stable, and this ruler just catch the behavior. An intuitive design.

  • a idea may be good!and yet with good aesthetic

  • farzad says:

    igive pecher air plain

  • Daniel says:

    good idea, nice job

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