OMG it’s an electronic gadget that doesn’t start with an “i”! Brownie points to designer Rong Yong. His U-Jade concept is a device that communicates the location and path of other U-Jade equipped vehicles. This help you drive smarter, choosing routes that might be less busy. The device itself looks like a piece of Chinese jade jewelry cut into the classic shape that symbolizes security. The touch sensitive OLED screen also controls the built-in MP3 player and activates bluetooth pairing with a phone.

Not sure how big this is but it would be awesome to be able to wear it and locate the position of friends equipped with U-Jade.

Designer: Rong Yong


  • duhuj says:

    looks prty cool
    i agree that it would be even cooler if u could have a smaller version to hang around your neck

  • Sebastien says:

    This is a very good idea, the only draw back is that every person will have to have one to make it even remotely efficient.

    I like the design tho ^_^

  • TJ says:

    I agree that a smaller version would be nice and that it would have to saturate the market to become useful. But it should also have the option to be turned off for safety reasons.. say, you think someone is using it to follow you and they know your going to relatively unpopulated area late at night, but such a feature would also become a hindrance to the effectiveness.

  • Cloud Levi says:

    It was a typo.

  • Cloud Levi says:

    It was a typo.

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