I Can Crack Your Nuts

This is probably the sexiest nut cracker I have ever seen, no pun intended. The minimalist design belies its sinister function but it manages to complete its task in such an elegant way, you forgive it.

The diagonal cut through the aluminum tube lines up perfectly with the natural grain of a walnut. You simply place your nut (hehe) between the two tubes and give it a twist. Voila, instant cracked  nut. (hehe).

Designer: Christopher Kuh


  • Scooter says:

    Now that is kewl. So simple and yet so sleek looking. I totally want want one! Christopher Kuh’s other concepts are nice as well. I hope some make it to market…

  • Greysky says:

    will it only work with walnuts of a certain size? seems pretty limited to walnut lovers

  • If you’re going to use a cylinder, why not have a heavy weight inside that slides down and SMASHES the walnut. Or be rally minimalist and just fill the cylinder with metal and use it to smash the walnuts (like the pauper used the Royal seal in Twain’s story). No threading, no insertion – just thumper and walnut.

  • CeeTee says:

    The easiest way to crack a walnut is to place the walnut in between the door and its frame (where the hinges lie) and just close the door…. *CRACK* … thats ALL you need

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