The Subway Light by Caroline Pham

Caroline’s winning conceptual submission is a public art piece that encourages biophilia and, in effect, promotes energy saving technology while providing sunlight to sun-deprived underground subways. By using fiber optic technology and patented sunlight collection panels, she plans to introduce sunlight to one of the most frequently enclosed urban environments: The Subway. The technology would be used to illuminate windows and sitting areas, which are graphically designed to illustrate elements of natural and urban landscape integration.

Caroline’s basis for this work is inspired by her observation of sun-deprived urban residents and its effects on their lives. Sunlight, as opposed to artificial light, contains a full spectrum of colors, which when absorbed by people helps control the body’s hormonal system, improve mood, enhance morale, lower fatigue, and reduce eyestrain, amongst its myriad of beneficial effects. She invites interaction with people in the subways by extruding a series of benches from the sunlight flooded frosted glass art pieces, further enhancing the experience.

Designer: Caroline Pham [ Via: TreeHugger ]