Oryx, The Bike From The Future

Oryx is an innovative time trial bike with a one-sided fork and chain-stay. Due to its Y-frame shape, it’s comfortably shock-proof without loosing ground contact.

Each bike is custom-made which guaranties the perfect fit for every rider and simplifies manufacturing; handle bars, stem and fork are made from one piece. The ergonomically shaped seat post and saddle are integrated into the frame with a hole to cool your bum even!

The frame and handle bars are connected via a frame-pivot, guiding cables through the frame as one turns. One of the innovations on the bike is the crank which is designed like a ring and mounted in the inside of the frame by two ball bearings. The whole bike itself is made of carbon composite, which is baked into the frame during the molding process.

In time trial races, like the Contre la Montre at the Tour de France, every second counts, that’s why Oryx possesses an identical pair of wheels which can be removed by the push of a button.

Designer: Harald Cramer


  • Bradford says:

    looks almost exactly like the Nulla bike

  • Jos says:

    and what is the weight? You need to mention the weight!

  • Islandmonk says:

    They should have had shots of the other side of the bike to demonstrate the coolness of the one-sided fork and chain-stays.
    Obviously a concept, though as time-trial bikes need a full set of gears.
    Track bike–maybe–but then the ability to change wheels so quickly becomes a non-issue.
    I still want one.

    • the designer says:

      You´re right, man: as is is a time trial bike it does no need a front derailleur (no mountains to climb and front d. are designed to switch between first 10 gears (mountain) and last 10 gears (plain terrain). I am a racing bike driver myself, that allowed me to involve my personal experiences influencing my design. The gear control is integrated in the white handle bars (rotating – not linear system!) and can be changed from left to right hand (depends on the driver). The bike has an internally geared hub by Rohloff, as you already mentioned. The weight is about 8 kg, confirming to UCI laws. T-t-bikes are ofter heavy weighted because they focus on aerodynamics and not on leightweightness. Mine is about 7,8 kg (LOOK) t-t-bike.

  • Shay says:

    I think such a bike will be prohibited by UCI rules, which demands that a bicycle will be composed of two triangles.

    Jos: as for weight, UCI rules requires bikes to be at least 6.8kg, so while it’s possible to make regular bikes that are lighter than that, there’s no real need to do so.

    It might be useful for Triathlon, though — I know it’s governed by a different set of rules.

  • Ndonahue says:

    This is a time trial bike. It has visible brake levers and my guess is that to make the quick release rear wheel it uses an internally geared hub like a Rohloff or Shimano Nexus.

  • Package says:

    Not a track bike with that cockpit. Time trial bars of that kind are not allowed on track bikes–only drops. Otherwise, you’d be stabbing your competitors.

  • Freezerrbee says:

    Time trial bike or not, it does have a brake lever on the left bullhorn. As for gears, if they can make a crazy, ring shaped crank like that, maybe they can make magical internal gearing, too.

    What am I saying? When was the last time you saw a concept product this cool looking actually get produced? There’s a fine line between design concept and really, really good science fiction.

  • Jimbo says:

    This is totally doable! And pursuit track bikes are allowed to have aero bars! Offer a UCI version with two tiny aerodynamic frame elements that do nothing except create the required triangles. Heck, make them removable and replacable to really .iss them off! Cannodale lefty does the one side wheel deal as does wheelchair racing. Internal geared seven speed hubs work OK. I like the chain ring concept but that inside edge of the circle needs to be both good leading and trailing edge, or filled in? Saddles are pretty personal though and I’d want to be able to change them out depending on the distance of the effort. Me LIKEY! 🙂

  • ERIK says:

    Wheelbase might be a bit stretched out, but a good place to start.

  • Spiderman says:

    🙁 it just looks kind of dumb

  • stoner monkey says:

    i am a mountain biker and that bike rocks out with its cock out

  • M says:

    Former racer but constantly lusting over all bikes. This design isn’t new but it does make a few changes. However, there’s no way it’s 8kg with the internal front ring, pop off wheels, one-sided chainstay and fork AND an internal rear hub, not to mention the frame stiffening required up at the head tube, bottom bracket and rear hub areas. But for sake of argument let’s say it can be done at 8kg and it’ll be sturdy enough for at least one season…..won’t it cost so much that a privateer can’t afford it? The big companies won’t make what they can’t sell so don’t expect to see this expensive bike at your local races. Softride has been putting out a similar bike for a long time: its illegal in UCI Cat1/2 events but legal for 3,4 and public; It’s legal at all USCF and USAC events at all levels. It’s legal in all TRI events. hate to pee on a good bonfire tho so I’ll repeat how cool it is.

  • M says:

    Follow up: rather than propose another biked design similar to many, many others I’d like to see this designer work out the rear hub. THAT would be a huge leap. SRAM, Shimano, Sturmey-Archer and dozens of other have done rear, internally geared hubs. The design shown here ‘looks’ extremely compact compared to those others so it’d be awesome to see that hub fleshed out more.

  • Fred says:

    For some reason, looking at this bike makes my nads hurt.

  • Yoonus says:

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  • chris says:

    honestly man, it f*cking slick.

    as an indistrial designer, in my opinion this bike doesnt break ergonomic rules, basic mechanics, and yet it will looks beautiful. Im glad you’ve thought about this design, unlike what most designers do (stylize)

    good work.

    (show us the other side of the bike plz)

  • forumturka says:

    For some reason, looking at this bike makes my nads hurt.

  • Agasa says:

    Beautiful design but the seat does not look too comfortable.

  • karadeniz says:

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  • rob says:

    looks like a modernization of a CERVELO barracchi
    their original design


  • Sam the Sham says:

    Add a spring/shock absorber between the chair and the frame, and you have a motocross.

  • Kevin Niccer says:

    I read in a mag the bike will cost $9,500. Is it true?

  • ali sad says:

    in my openion it s important because cars are develeped as well as bike so as for as concerted

  • Duegi says:

    I have seen each and every part of this bike done many times by design students. Nothing new or innovative here.

  • nihal says:

    any of you know about kronos usb watch cost and place?

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  • Wa-Ki says:

    The bike looks great and I believe that design like these are really necessary to promote sport. Even if most of “normal” T-T bikes would beat it in terms of performance the design itself will bring attention of people that just like good looking stuff and have money to afford it.

    Off course as listed above there are faults and mine would be: the crankset. Cool looks but, the bearings would weigh a lot, like all additional CF used to support it, what leaves it defeated by conventional crankset.

  • some kid says:

    I dont know to much about bikes but what i have read and seen, it looks amazing (even if it isn’t comfortable). but the weight would be just a bit unfeisable seeing the technology of today could handle the weight just not the stress put out by the riders. I realy like the idea of the hollow pedal setup dealy… but i wouldn’t see any way to keep friction at a mnimum withought smelling like 3-in 1 for the next week.

    but in the end i cant dump on such a machine and the inovation involved. bikes will become cooler lookin, faster and lighter as the years pass. same thing with speed skates, great cross training for cycleist. you tube it or sumthin

  • Haruspex says:

    So it’s still the same old rear- wheel drive, but you’ve shifted most of the weight to the front wheel…

  • Tom says:

    what the hell is it ?????? plz say there not going to make that!!!!!!!!

  • Willjames says:

    I think an issue may arise with the quick release. I though disk brakes are difficult at best to align perfectly so that the disk is not ruined. In a race, how would one take off a wheel, align the brake and disk and still be time-efficient?

    • Willjames says:

      Please forgive me folks, i misspelled “thought”. If you are like me, you hate grammatical errors just as much as i do. I apologize for appearing lazy.

  • Jesse says:

    I like how the guy above said this bike “rocks out with it’s cock out”

    it sure does

    looks like it’s made of carbon fiber – the bike would weigh next to nothing

    and a bespoke bike = bespoke anything = super expensive

    it would be awesome, though for this design and the carbon fiber body to become available for the plebs

  • RedRockCycles says:

    Why a chain drive and not a shaft drive with a NuVinci style transmission?

  • smith says:

    This is the coolest bike i have ever came across, i have never been eager about bikes, never had a look at any bike neither i know what you guys are posting, its over and above my head, but one thing i would like to say is this bike won my heart, i would surely like to ride it, can any one tell me what would be the cost of this bike and till when is it expected to reach the market?

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