Circle of thrust

Reinventing the wheel has never looked so uh… awkward? I will wait to pass judgement on the comfort aspects of this concept and whether or not my abdomen is ready for the onslaught of vibrations that are sure to come. I also don’t see Pamela Anderson or any other well endowed ladies hopping on this thing, but this design called “WheelU” by Tomer Zer Kavod is sure to get a lot of attention from the more Mountain Dew drinking types out there. Designed to be used over smooth pavement, the front wheel acts as braking aid and the rear wheel assists in the turning that is achieved via weight shifting.

Designer: Tomer Zer Kavod


  • zippyflounder says:

    AHAHAHHHAHAHAH….so wrong on so many levles, lets just start with the obivious.
    1. laying on your chest makes breathing much harder, try it, put a big book on the floor, rest most of your body weight on it, now try to breath hard…..nuff said.
    2. little front wheel…wheeeeeeeeeeeee one small bump/hole/expansion joint = on big crash for rider.
    3. with all that rendering time put in, didnt even bother with toe clips to help keep your feet from slipping off the peddles….guess it would be a great workout holding your legs up as well as pushing.
    4. use that mk1 computer FIRST, ya know that one that is between your ears.

    • Painful.
      Now, if there were no wheels, and this was mounted, you’ll love it (or hate it) in the gym.
      Riding this thing will probably only make easier to consider the explosive stupidity of the design, the designer , and the dumbarse (you) that brought it.
      There’s a suspension the back… cute :\

  • Don says:

    Stupid. How strenuous this must be for the neck!

  • Luiz Paulo says:

    Beautiful, but nothing efficient!

  • eric says:

    finally, a bike for mannequins!

  • Xandara says:

    Does this remind anyone else of Mr. Garrison’s “It” invention from that one South Park episode? OMG! O_O

  • carl says:

    Tomer Zer Kavod is a name to watch out for… For being a complete idiot..!

  • Shiella says:

    Yeah I think the rider will have neck pain after an hour driving it.

  • Toolkid says:

    How do you steer it?

  • IGreenSpot says:

    gosh, your neck must be damn stiff after long riding with that vehicle.

  • TH says:

    When something has never been done before, there usually is a good reason for it.

  • Lim says:

    Tomer is a designer from high school? Gosh, this bike bring the smell of danger, perhaps he was trying to make the bike felt like a motorcycle when it is being ride ? LOL

  • Tomer Z.K. says:

    Thank U Anthony Jamem for publishing a newly reborn idea.

    I guess there is no thing as bad poblicity, still for all who attached me stupidity – I guess U have to take a ride befor U write somthing down.
    True, there are still a fue issues to take care for but not about neck pain or chest pressure – those have been tested & the whole structure has been proved.

    The concept of WheelU combines elements from unicycle with other sports experiences.
    Designated for speed ride on paved roads.
    It moves by pedals, gear system and stops by brakes.
    Steering the vehicle operates by tilting the body from side to side.
    The front wheel toches the ground only when the rider brakes hard & prevents rolling over.

    Some know how much work stands behind & yet to come to any new adventure.


  • Dave says:

    There is no point to this design exercise since a regular bike is superior in every conceivable way. And, I don’t need to ride it to tell you that. Design should solve problems, not create problems and/or ridicule.

    “Hey look, I designed a house made out of toilet paper that is 100% transparent and melts in the rain. Awwww, don’t criticize me until you move in and live there six months.”

  • Sylus says:

    Ergonomics, what’s it good for?Absolutely nothing

  • Dave says:

    I watched the video. Even the guy who designed this joke-bike can’t even stay up for a whole five seconds. So much for the “don’t criticize it until you try it” crap.

  • Bruce says:

    It’s a nice invention. Do you have any plan to make a prototype or you already have one?

  • It should be a definitely painful journey.

  • dangerriding says:

    dangerous, just plain dangerous

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