Remember that whole fad when pagers, mobile phones, and even computers (cough -iMac) were transparent revealing their innards? What if we applied that idea to a car? The Gamma Concept takes advantage of new polycarbonate and composite materials to create lighter, stronger, and more fuel efficient cars. Sounds like the automotive holy grail. What gives?

The Gamma’s visual language features large transparent areas to show the underlying structure and engine parts; to remind how the car works and present a more honest (transparent) design than its contemporary counterparts. All body panels are made from polycarbonate. To keep manufacturing costs to a minimum the panels are shaped using thermoforming, and then glued onto a carbon-kevlar reinforced aluminium chassis.

Designer: Niels Grubak Iversen


  • -F. says:

    Holy Guacamole, it looks like a reinvention of the classic Batmobile.

    Which basicly means it’s quite ugly, but I can’t help liking it.

  • J Dizzle says:

    It’s a nice story and a decent design, but polycarb and Lexans aren’t ready to be used on exteriors yet.

    Lots of plastics companies SAY they are, but OEMs are testing them and finding that the materials scratch too easily and there’s no way to repair those scratches aside from replacing the panels.

    There’s also a safety issue too. Polycarb doesn’t deform like sheet metal and it doesn’t break like glass. How will first responders get into your vehicle in an accident?

    • David says:

      J Dizzle says : It’s a nice story and a decent design, but polycarb and Lexans aren’t ready to be used on exteriors yet…

      If Lexan is no good for exteriors, why is it used on fighter plane canopies?? And besides, with new production techniques, smaller metal structures can be inserted in the polymer matrix to achieve the desired deformation in crumple zones. And the same transparent feeling is obtained that way. I guess…?

  • conall says:

    Awesome concept….for the engine compartment at least. I wonder how this car would hold up to crash testing.

  • Christine says:

    Audi already came out with the car that you can see the engine that’s placed in rear. R series or something is it??

  • powers says:

    The form is not really new, neither is the concept, but if the renderings and build quality were a bit better we might have something.

  • CoolProducts says:

    Thats freakin cool. It would be a bitch to keep clean though. Haha. Awesome design. Reminds me of the batmobile

  • yo says:

    overall, i find it interesting, since Ferrari long ago had came up with the concept of letting the engine being visible. I feel the color is wonderful and not as boring as the usual cars, keep up the good work!

  • yo says:

    why not taking away or changing the color of the strip on the roof top of the car to sliver or grey or none, it could look much more cooler.

  • Carl says:


  • Niiamh says:

    omfg! tht is amazin!
    iit wd b hard 2 keep clean tho!
    luvin it tho.. dads credit card will b out!

  • omar_strike says:

    WoW i like it very much

  • This is a great concept design.

  • windy says:

    But,i think it is may not good for people's secretes.

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