Alarm Clock From Its Own Packaging by Peter Dalton, Ollie Craig, Alex Dawes & Dave Di Carlos

The design involved the outer casing acting infact as the packaging so once bought no packaging would be thrown away, thus reducing one of the largest waste sources society is currently tackling. The pictures show how it would be displayed in the shops. The casing is manufactured from recycled cardboard boxes and then treated. Laser cutting would be used to shape the layers allowing a huge scope for aesthetic development. If damaged it could easily be replaced. There is also scope to incorporate advertising by using big corporations used boxes thus incorporating their logos, and promoting the “Green” way.

Designer: Peter Dalton, Ollie Craig, Alex Dawes & Dave Di Carlos


  • Joe says:

    so, I’m confused. How/Where do you actually purchase this cardboard encased alarm clock?

  • Tom Pearce says:

    Really nice work, you can see more at

  • Dave says:

    Sustainable is supposed to mean so much more that “recycled and ugly.” The material you have chosen is quite fragile and will get damaged rather easily… whereupon you then throw it out? Think about it this way, is this the type of product that your grandparents would pass down to you? The idea is laughable. It just won’t last that long — so how damn sustainable was it?

    So, lets make stuff out of high quality materials that last. Just make sure I can recycle it when I am done with it. I don’t want a cardboard clock or a bamboo car, OK?

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