Kitchen fumes, begone!


It’s no surprise the Portable Kitchen Hood made its way to the James Dyson Awards. It’s innovative, enriches lives, and looks so much like my favorite Dyson product! The Portable Kitchen Hood by Maxime Augay tackles a problem everyone with small homes has. Smelly, stuffy, dirty kitchens. Where most homes don’t have kitchen chimneys or hoods or even proper ventilation, odors tend to linger on (sometimes fumes too), making the kitchen’s air feel stuffy and unclean.

The Portable Kitchen Hood can easily be placed across a stove or induction cooker. The fan on the inside pulls all cooking air/fumes into the Kitchen Hood’s interior, which runs the air through a stainless steel, grease-trapping mesh and an activated charcoal filter, trapping microparticles of oil/fat as well as purifying the air of dust and odor. The design of the Portable Kitchen Hood is such that it can easily accommodate itself in even the tiniest of kitchens. Its design is big enough to work with the most heavy-duty cooking procedures, while small enough to not feel like a bulky appliance. Besides, it looks stellar, and something Mr. Dyson would be very proud of, so I wouldn’t think twice before putting something this good-looking and functional in my kitchen!

Designer: Maxime Augay