Apple Vision Pro gets accessorised in the form of a premium leather Head Band by BandWerk

Apple has set the tech community on steroids with the announcement of the long-awaited virtual reality headset that’s set to change the way we interact with our world. The mixed reality headset was in development for many years now with countless patents and prototype versions marking its inception journey.

The next-generation headset announced at the annual WWDC 2023 conference is by far the most technically advanced VR accessory that the world has seen. Vision Pro backed by Apple’s software integration makes possible a seamless transition from the real world to the virtual world and then to the mixed reality interface.

Designer: BandWerk

Scan through all the tech news lately and Apple’s surprise announcement is making all the headlines. To that accord, premium iPhone case maker BandWerk is not letting go of the opportunity to grab a share of the pie with an announcement of its own. The German accessory provider for the Apple ecosystem has revealed its plans to make available handcrafted leather headbands for the $3,500 Apple headset slated for launch early next year.

The premium headband destined to arrive in five color options – Grey, Creme, Beige, Orange, and Brown – will adapt to the silhouette of the final commercially available headset. For now, BandWerk has only revealed the concept version of the headbands that’ll fill the void of the only single option that deep-pocketed buyers will get with the Vision Pro. According to them, the commercially available luxury headbands will have a precise fit with maximum comfort for longer stints of VR exploration. Durability is another perk that’ll make the $159 price tag totally justified.

The headband will come with a color-matching fabric Light Seal and crafted out of premium Italian leather. This accessory will be made in Germany and then eventually shipped to America and the United Kingdom initially. We can expect more accessories unearthing for the Vision Pro headset as it nears public launch. For now, though, the Apple headset and the third-party headband accessory are only going to be the privilege of the filthy rich or die-hard Apple fans who can afford to buy this exorbitantly priced gadget.