Beertable by Michael Kritzer

The beertable is all about fun, relaxing, sports, and, of course, the beer. Designed to be a centerpiece for a sports get together, the beertable offers usable tabletop space for magazines, chips and dip and while isolating the condensing beer in individual insulation containers. The sidebar of the table can even be used as a towel rack for napkins. Made out of molded plastic, the beertable is a low cost furniture solution that can fit into either a contemporary or modern home. The beertable can also be made in the colors of certain beer companies or even ones favorite sport team to help garner brand loyalty and pride.

The six inverted stainless steel lined containers function as mini insulators to help keep chilled beer nice and cool. The silos can fit almost every standard sized beer bottle and when all six silos are filled with bottles, the resulting look resembles a clean/control esthetic that brings resolution into any room it’s placed in.

Designer: Michael Kritzer


  • Kahoneez says:

    I like the idea, but would an open chest like design, with the ability of putting ice in the middle be a better way of keeping DA BREW colder, I don't know just asking. You could also make it flush, with a lid on top.

  • lien says:

    larger size

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