Highland Lowland – Carpet & Coffee Table in One by Stauffacher Benz

Back at that time when we were kids, there was nothing better than playing outside in the woods: Playing hide-and-seek in the forest, climbing up trees, jumping from rocks, building little cabins around a stump for the trolls. It was just a perfect world out in the great outdoors.

Highland Lowland shall catch a little bit of that spirit, of these emotions and bring them back into your living room. Highland Lowland is a carpet and a coffee table in one. Just put your favorite low chair aside and use it as a small side table. Or sit down on the floor if you like to and lean your back against it. It’s soft and very comfortable. The table top can be lifted off, underneath you find a casket-like compartment that stores your little treasures.

Designer: Stauffacher Benz