The Elixir Fold

Elixir is a high-quality OLED desk lamp that can fold in three directions and be tucked down along the edge of a desk when not in use. A power outlet is conveniently positioned on its arm so that you can charge your phone or any other gadget using it. The design is space saving and effective. Moreover it is simplistic and maybe this is why I have a soft spot for it.

  • Elixir can be folded three ways (down, up, and over), it can be installed on any side of the desk using the clamp.
  • The arm can rotate up and down, right and left, and back and forth by 120 degrees.
  • The arm of the lamp features a touch-activated mood-light strip.

Designer: Nari Hwang


  • Christopher says:

    Nice design. The wide array of leds will reduce harsh shadows. Nice that it folds out of the way.

    The plug is a nice touch, although a USB port would be nicer – think of what I’m recharging, my phone or other small item work with a USB cable rather than a mains plug and then a transformaer. As your LEDs may be running at lower voltage anyway, so you could just tap into this. An while I’m thinking about the plug and as I look at my office, the side that I’d have this lamp is next to a wall so I would have to move the desk away from the wall to make room for this plug. If the plug were on the same side as the switch, it would require less clearance and be handier to plug into as well.

    Some sort of post or bolt on the base would be nice so that I could drill a hole in my desktop or edge and make this a permanent clean attachment, rather than rely on the clamp.

    Good work.

  • -anonymous- says:

    Nice design. Better if you could have a changeable outlet from usual power outlet to USB (vice versa). 😉

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