Insect Printer

Insect Printer

What better way to tell someone you love them then to have nature’s creatures do the dirty work for you? Now you too can play God by having and army of caterpillars spell out your stalker tendencies. Yes, I realize this is not the usual “product concept” you are used to seeing here on Yanko Design, but it is an interesting way to work with nature as a replacement for your tree killing printer.

0 Designer: Kyung-Ah Park

Design Digest Vol.9

Design Digest Vol.9

  1. Slide open scale by Jakub Stedina.
  2. Knife holder cutting board by Yar Rassadin.
  3. Tubo chair made with only one piece of cylindrical steel bar by Joel Escalona.
  4. Step bench by Pinar Yar.
  5. Piu chair made from single cut sheet of alloy steel and than bent by Young Hwan Kim.

One Seriously Tight Light Bike

One Seriously Tight Light Bike

Like to ride your bike after the sun sets? Are you a real Night Rider? Confused as to why trucks don’t seem to notice your pleads for attention and keep slamming your bones around the city streets? Well if you like life and don’t want to die while cruising down the avenues after dark, this bike design by Rudi Moosmeier called “Tong City Bike” just might be all the vehicular enlightenment you’ll need.

0 Designer: Nr21 Design

Books on Earthquakes...

Books on Earthquakes…

If Barbie’s Dreamhouse had to suffer through an earthquake, what might her bookshelf end up looking like? That must have been on the minds of Swedish designers Smånsk. They showed a prototype of their Skew bookcase at the Greenhouse young designers showcase at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last month. Up until recently, an image of stability and order, bookshelves seem to be the muse for ever increasing wacky designs by product designers the world over.

0 Designer: Smansk

Coffee gets the shaft...

Coffee gets the shaft…

What is better than a cup of fresh hot coffee? A FAST cup of fresh hot coffee of course. Once again, product designers have spelled the end of the spoon in our coffee/tea drinking tradition. Intended to be a simple solution for diners and less service oriented restaurants, this all in one tubular design holds both the instant coffee and the sugar/creamer in one neat package.

0 Designer: Hye-Yeon Choi

British's the wood that makes it good

British Kiosks…it’s the wood that makes it good

Londoners walking along the Thames River near Potter’s Field have a new treat waiting for them, stacks of charred wood. Along with their usual mochachinos, pack of fags (no angry emails, that means cigarettes in the UK) and a copy of The Mirror, the Queen’s subjects are treated with the latest creations from architects DSDHA. “Pavilions” are a pair of distinctively designed multi-purpose kiosks.

0 Architect: DSDHA

Lean and Clean Balancing Machine

Lean and Clean Balancing Machine

If you are like me and live in a place that has pressed dirt for walls (a.k.a. dry wall), the idea of hanging art, window shades or especially a book shelf, is not only an engineering feat in itself, but also a serious anxiety inducer. These types of walls seem to crumble at the very idea of being punctured by a screw, nail or dirty look. In a perfect world, all walls would be made from super durable, screw loving materials.

0 Designer: Denis Oh

A plate that flips you off...

A plate that flips you off…

Let me first say, I try to not eat any food that requires a plate. If I can’t hold it, wrap it up, not served in a bowl or stuck on a stick, it’s too much work and I move on. Plus, I hate cleaning dishes, but I hear that some sophisticates still use them and as plates go, designers have pretty much stuck with new ways of creating a simple flat surface to eat your fancy food on.

0 Designer: Angela Schwab

John Lennon's Swiss Army Knife

John Lennon’s Swiss Army Knife

“All you need is love…” is probably one of the most profound and simple messages ever sung, preached or uttered in the history of the world. John Lennon’s message of peace and harmony is needed today more than ever and the designers of this “Swiss Peace Knife” could not agree more.

0 Designer: Qian Jiang

Light is Random...

Light is Random…

Like mushrooms randomly sprouting from the Earth, this lamp array design by Jaren Goh takes a whimsical and asymmetric approach to lighting a room. With interchangeable shades for versatility, this lamp dubbed “Lampost” takes it modern and minimal lines and softens them up by the simple use of non-symmetrical placement. Intended for larger spaces, this lovely light source will definitely be a focal point in any room…that is, until the Cheshire Cat arrives.

0 Designer: Jaren Goh

Bruce Wayne Says What?

Bruce Wayne Says What?

Look out Mickey Mouse, “Batphones” are about to take over where your pathetic plastic ears only look cute and cuddly. Designed to enhance any sound coming from in front of you, these plastic prosthetic ears slip on as easy as a hair band, not that I ever wore a head band. Why didn’t I just say; as easy as a pair of headphones? Anyway, moving on.

0 Designer: Matthias Ries

Fresh out of the oven OVEN...

Fresh out of the oven OVEN…

Electrolux introduced today a new concept in oven design that they say will revolutionize the way we cook our meat. Taking a design cue from BMW’s iDrive and Apple’s iPhone one-button-to-rule-them-all page of industrial design. The “Inspiro” is the “first oven that automatically determines the right way to cook a dish to consistently achieve the desired result.”

0 Designer: Electrolux

Advanced Go-Carting

Advanced Go-Carting

When someone says your car looks or drives like a go-cart it’s not considered a good thing. Despite how much fun they are, it seems no one wants their car compared to one. Maybe transportation designer Florian Dobe can put a spin on the stereotype with this little concept. Sporting tiny 10″ rims, this vehicle is equal parts sportscar and go-cart.

0 Designer: Florian Dobe